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Who we are is a Japanese company that provides various online services as one of the pioneers of the Japanese Internet industry. offers more than 40 services including online games, VR, e commerce, online video distribution, music distribution and more. Even since its inception in 1999, DMM Group has continuously expanded its business offering year over year, now exceeding revenue level over 182.3 billion yen in fiscal 2017.

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Why work with us has an international team of workers where its employee count is over 2,700 and operational bases spread across 15 countries and growing. is seeking talent that is looking to work in a global workplace with much aggressiveness and enthusiasm who also possess advanced communication skills in both English and Japanese. We believe that better employment is what will lead to better service offering to our customers.

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Currently Open Positions is looking for highly proactive human talent who possess communication skills in English and Japanese. Positions currently open for hiring can be viewed via the button below.

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